le temps du café

Hi everybody!

Do you like coffee? Or do your friends like coffee? Here is an idea of what to offer, just a little gift, to a friend who invited you for coffee time.
You will need coffee waps of course, so adap the project to the coffee machine refill your friend used.

Un petit cadeau pour une buveuse de café aujourd’hui. Vous pouvez adapter ce projet à tout type de capsule. Ce que j’ai vraiment aimé, c’est la fermeture de la boite. J’ai utilisé un die de système d’accroche. Je ne peux plus me passer de ce die!

For this box I did used again my favorite paper: the kraft one. I know, I am using it a lot, but its color goes with every thema, every other paper, and it is a 300gr paper, so you can do boxes with it. For me it is a « must to have » paper.

Then I used the new paper bloc spring. I used again the hang system die to close the box like I did on the birthday box alreaday. you can see the example here. I really like this way to close a box. It is super easy to do with this die cut (another « must to have ») .

The inside of the box is simple:


I made a hole for the chocolate candies, and 3 round hole for the caps. And here is a trick, I reused the circles cutted (6002/0379) and the scrap from the stars border die cut to decorate the top of the box! I love to reused scrap! The ribbon is glued with tacky glue (from Joy!craft) and the heart was stamped on a scrap of kraft paper and glued in 3D.

– Cutting stencil – Hang System (2pcs) 6002/0411
– Cutting stencil – leaf 6003/0047
– Cutting stencil – leaf 6003/0046
– Paperbloc – Everyday – Paper & Pictures 6011/0060
– Clear stamps – Little Joy 6410/0339
– Cutting & Embossing stencil – edge with stars 6002/0397
– Paperbloc – Spring 6011/0401
– Cutting & Embossing stencil – basic 6002/0402
– Cutting & Embossing stencil – basic 6002/0403
– Ribbons Handmade collection 2 – set 3 6300/0334
– Kraft PapierA4 29,7 x 21 cm, 25 vel, 300gr 8089/0203
– Clear stamps – text DE Alles Liebe 6410/0327
– Cutting & Embossing stencil – circle + corner 6002/0379
– 3 coffee caps
– 2 chocolate candies

Hope you like this box and that did gave you plenty of project ideas.

Take care,




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