Father’s day gift: Old movie time

Hi everyone!

How about a return to the past today?

Let me show you this set of old movies for a father’s day gift.

father day

I loved to mix gold ink, black paper and the magic lantern paper bloc (really cool).

This paper fit so well with old photos!

The old pellicule roll was made with a part of a toilet paper roll that I recovered of blck paper, and 2 die cuts made with the fantastic new die viewmaster from Joy Crafts!.

father day


* Cutting & Embossing stencil – Photo 6002/0420

* Paperbloc A5 – Magic Latern 6011/0049

* Cutting & Embossing stencil – Viewmaster 6002/0451

* Kraft paper – Black A5 8089/0242

* Cutting, embossing & debossing – Make flowers 6002/0431

* Butterflies (2pc) 6002/0390

* Decoration 6300/0504

* Metal Charms (60st) 6350/0311

* Foam Pads 2,0 mm/5mm bloc WHITE 5mm, 10×15 cm 6500/0003

* artificial flower, old collection.

* Stamp pad spangled colors 6410/1003

* Paperbloc A5 – Romantic bloc 6011/0054

Thanks for looking,



Une réflexion sur “Father’s day gift: Old movie time

  1. Marie alice dit :

    Jolie Magali j espère avoir le plaisir de réaliser cela avec toi. Je suis sur Issoire vers le 27 juillet bise Marie Alice


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