Happy birthday!

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you a birthday set: a layout, a frame and a card.

birthday and roses

The frame:

The center part of the frame is sliding because of the sticks. So you can decorate the two side of the center part.

birthday and roses

I used an old frame that I recovered with wood paper. Then, I made a little hole top and bottom and glue 2 sticks together. Finally, I did cut in the black paper 2 rectangles. The first one has the same dimention than the inside of the frame, the second one, 2cm less wide and length.

The taller rectangle is fold at 1cm and 2cm of each sides. Put it behind the sticks, glue the small rectangle on it, decorate.

birthday and roses


The flower are stamped then colored with markers. I sprayed some ink with a paintbush on the card. The flower are cut and glue sometimes with 3D foam.

birthday and roses


Again, some ink is sprayed on the backgroud. Some black lines in the corners and the stamped roses in 3D on it. The paper come from the amazing new paper bloc botanical!

birthday and roses


* Clear stamp – Roses 6410/0351

* Paperbloc – Spring 6011/0064

* Paperbloc – Botanical 6011/0313

* Kraft paper – Black 30,5x15cm 8089/0244

* Foam Pads 2,0 mm/5mm bloc WHITE 5mm, 10×15 cm 6500/0003

* Paperbloc – Vintage wood 6011/0702

* Paperbloc 12 x 12 6011/0701

* Words (ENG)6410/0312

* Stamp pad spangled colors 6410/1003

* Hobby glue 6500/0211

* 2 barbecue sticks

* 1 old frame

Thanks for looking,



It is the birthday of (doctor) who?

Comme chaque année, les anniversaires reviennent avec son lot d’innovation et d’imagination.
Cette année, le challenge a été un anniversaire sur le thème de Doctor Who.
Comme toujours, peu de temps de préparation, mais je suis encore arrivée à m’en sortir pas trop mal.

J’ai récupéré le fichier des étiquettes ici et voici le résultat:

Like each year did start the contest for the best ever birthday party theme. This year the challenge was a Doctor Who birthday. Gluten free cupcake, home made sugar paste on the top and doctor who flags. On the marsmallow stick, the label is is red flad (joy crats die) and a label.